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The new Toyota 86 - The Fun is back in a big way!

The Toyota 86 is quite the car. It has gained an almost cult like status before even being released, and one could quite honestly say it is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated "mainstream" car launches in the last decade.

The 86 is a game changer. It is a pure "drivers car" that combines the very best of technology with an affordability quite unmatched by anything else so exciting.
At a starting price of $41986 for the off the shelf 86, it is cheaper than a lot of family sedans, sporty hatches or entry level SUV's, but plays well outside of it's class according to a lot of motoring journalists and car enthusiatists.

86 takes a corner

This section of the news pages are devoted to the 86.
Join us as we eagerly await it's arrival, and then enjoy the car like it was always designed to be driven......

There is no going back. Another banned 86 TV Commercial

The Toyota 86 is a great car. It has been winning car of the year awards all over the world, and getting rave reviews from the likes of Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear who named it his car of the year for 2012. Not to shabby.

As well as all of the accolades there have also been a whole bunch of mind blowing TV and internet commercials to match the excitement, as well as to build it.

Some of these commercials have been spectacles of cinematography, some have been over the top special effects laden epics, and some have been very cheeky. Scroll through this section and you will discover some of them. Keep coming back to this section as we keep adding more as we discover them.

This next commercial comes from Britain where it was shown then banned, supposedly for encouraging "spirited driving".......


Tom's Toyota 86. Work in progress.

Tom Coote, our showroom groomer at Bowater Toyota in Nelson, has made some steady progress on his kit set model of the fast becoming iconic new sports car from Toyota, the Toyota 86.

Being an avid kit set modeller, Tom bought his "86" model as soon as it became available, and has set about building it with as much attention to detail as he can.

toms model 86 

Tom is luckier than most as he has the actual car at his fingertips to reference whenever he wants to add in extra detail.

The top car shows say their piece on the Toyota 86

The Toyota 86 has been out for a few months now, has been getting rave reviews and awards across the board, and now the videos from the big car shows like Top Gear and 5th Gear are beginning to filter onto the internet.

These shows, and what they say, can literally make or break the launch buzz as a new car comes onto the market. This is ever more crucial when that car has been hyped as much as the Toyota 86. Most people that have been following the development rely on the opinions of "those in the know" before committing to beginning the paths to purchase. At $41,986, the base model Toyota 86 is very affordable, but the last thing anyone wants to do is spend money on a performance car that just does not perform. Is all of the hype justified? What will my friends think? Is this really what I am looking for? These are all very valid questions, and the first stage of this journey is to let the "professionals" do the talking.

First show of the grid, the UK's Fifth Gear.
If you are in a rush fast forward 30 seconds to get past the intro.

 Overall a very positive outcome and an endorsement. The final word from Fifth Gear presenter Jason Plato "This definitely feels like a car that has been designed for people that like driving........"

Tom our yard groomer builds his own Toyota 86

Tom, our yard groomer at Bowater Toyota in Nelson, is a bit of a modeller. And by that we mean he loves building kitset models.

It is quite a skill, and requires a healthy dose of patience, and some very steady hands.

With all of the excitement globally around the rev-olutionary Toyota 86, it was only a matter of time before this filtered into the world of model kitsets.
Tom has been making models for years, and is very proud of both his collection and the fact that he made them all with his very own hands. Now it is time to tackle the 86 he has cleaned many many times since the arrival of our demo car at the showroom a few months ago.

tamiya toyota 86

Tom has been waiting for this kitset to arrive since then, and can't wait to rip into it.

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