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Bowater's 86 TRD Project. Safety First. New feet.

With our new Toyota 86 demo car safely tucked away in the showroom and looking all shiny and new, we thought we would make our own unofficial TRD version by adding a whole lot of official TRD (Toyota Racing Development) parts to our 86.

We have done this for a couple of reasons. Firstly because this car is so cool it just deserves to have the best we can give it. Secondly it allows us to showcase what our mechanics and the entire Bowater Toyota Parts and Service department can do for you and your car. Not only can we source some amazing parts and after market accessories, but we can fit them for you properly as well, saving you the headache as we have done it all before!


Stage 1: Brake Upgrades.

We thought this was the obvious place to start. We are not race drivers, but we do love to drive. Safety first. Lets get some monster brakes on this beast to slow us down in a hurry if need be in the event we overcook something.
The TRD Brake Kit is very impressive, and at $12,750 it is a very worthwhile upgrade when you see the differences in the photo below.
The vented brake dsic of the TRD set is massive compared to the standard 86 supplied brakes.

 TRD Brakes

The calipers are chalk and cheese - the differences between these are very obvious.

TRD calipers

If you have any intention of taking your 86 to trackdays, and why wouldn't you, these TRD Brakes are the thing to have. We also upgraded to the TRD 18" Alloys ($4750) as well - we felt we would need the better ride for what we have got planned!

The process of fitting the TRD Brake Kit to our Bowater Toyota 86 is fascinating, and you can clearly see the differences between TRD and standard as we go through the process.

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