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The new Toyota 86 - The Fun is back in a big way!

The Toyota 86 is quite the car. It has gained an almost cult like status before even being released, and one could quite honestly say it is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated "mainstream" car launches in the last decade.

The 86 is a game changer. It is a pure "drivers car" that combines the very best of technology with an affordability quite unmatched by anything else so exciting.
At a starting price of $41986 for the off the shelf 86, it is cheaper than a lot of family sedans, sporty hatches or entry level SUV's, but plays well outside of it's class according to a lot of motoring journalists and car enthusiatists.

86 takes a corner

This section of the news pages are devoted to the 86.
Join us as we eagerly await it's arrival, and then enjoy the car like it was always designed to be driven......

Ken Gushi drift king with the 86 at Laguna

It is well known that the soon to be legendary Toyota 86 is an iconic sports car born to be on the race track.

And few tracks are as iconic and legendary as Laguna Seca and its infamous corkscrew.

Ken Gushi was lucky enough to take not only a stock 86 up to the scenic hills of Monterey, CA but also an early prototype for his GReddy Racing 86 drift car!


Enjoy the beautiful lines of the 86

The highly anticipated Toyota 86 has finally been launched in the UAE, and much like the rest of the world, this super charged car market is super excited to be one of the first countries to be launching this explosive little rocket.

To illustrate the amazing handling capabilities of this future legend, Al-Futtaim Motors took the 86 to the twisty roads of Fujairah. Watch and enjoy the 86 do what it does best.

The above video was shot at a closed road, with a professional driver behind the wheel of the car.  Just incase you are in the need for some desert driving tips, check out their website here.

The 86 verses laser beams

The Indonesians have obviously got a massive budget up their collective sleeves, and a whole lot of orders to make a movie as cool as this!

Check it out, but be sure to turn those speakers up nice and loud!


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