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toitu diamond webAll of our branches have certification by one of NZ's top eco standards. See what we are doing here.

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Battery Recycling, vehicle waste products & you!

waste-oil-receiverThese days we must all be aware of the environment, and be careful with how we use the technology at our finger tips. With the carbon credits this, CO2 emissions that, the whole topic of environmental motoring is cluttered with an information overload.

One thing you can be very proactive about is also something so simple.
If you are going to replace your own car / motorbike / boat / scooter / truck / space shuttle battery yourself you have to ask the question; "What do I do with the old one?"
What happens if you decide to change your own motor oil? What about driaining your radiator?

As you can imagine car batteries and waste or used vehicle fluids are not the most environmentally friendly things. They are however absolutely essential to any vehicle. Most of us have our own vehicle, therefore we have our own car battery, and waste fluids to deal with as well.


Battery Recycling Centres.

Car batteries are incredibly toxic if left to "decompose" in landfills. In all reality they do not decompose at all, rather they tend to break and then leach toxic chemicals into the landfill which come back to haunt generations to come.

We have established a Battery Recycling Station at each of our Bowater Toyota branches. That means that now there is a place to drop your old, exhausted or plain faulty car batteries off when it is time to replace them. If you have old batteries in the garage at home bring them down - we wont charge you for taking care of your toxic waste, in fact we will thank you for it!


We actually sell these batteries back to the recycling company, and 100% of this money goes into an Eco Fund to be distributed to local environmentally focused charity's a couple of times a year.
You can check out this aspect to the recycling programme by clicking here.

If you are uncertain about the state of your car battery feel free to bring it into us and we can test it for free. It is a quick and simple process with all of the hi-tech analysis tools our service team have on hand, so they can quickly tell you if your battery needs to be replaced or not.


If your battery needs to be replaced we have a wide range of top of the line genuine Toyota batteries on hand.


Waste Oil and other fluids.

If you are in the habit of doing some backyard maintenance on your vehicle you will invariably be left with used fluids to deal with. All of the Bowater Toyota Service Bays are set up to deal with collecting all of these waste fluids and getting them into the recycling system.
As you can imagine with the high volume of vehicles we service on a weekly basis, we are left with quite a lot of waste engine oil, radiator coolant, hydraulic fluid and other liquids to dispose of. All of this vital, yet potentially toxic fluid, is collected into specialist containers and stored to be collected by Waste Product Recyclers at a later date.


All money collected from the recycling company is delivered straight into the bowaters Eco Fund, to be distributed to hard working local charities. And when we say all money we mean just that, 100% of the money received goes into the Eco Fund. We believe in the work these charities are doing in our community and help them with our Eco Fund amongst other initiatives.


Vehicle batteries & Recycling.

Every car, truck or motorbike needs a battery to work.They are an essential part of the mechanical process. Batteries don't last forever though, and when they no longer hold their charge properly, are not well maintained or serviced, or have other faults, it is time to get them replaced. If you do this yourself or at another mechanics you have to ask yourself "what is going to happen to that battery"?

When they die it is not the end of the road as this video shows. Battery recycling is a viable process, and a necessary one to ensure that these toxic chemicals stay out of the environment.

 What more incentive do you need? Come down to our Bowater Toyota service bays in Nelson, Richmond and Motueka and do your part.