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Drive your dream with Bowater Hyundai

Bowater Hyundai head onto the sparkling seas of Tasman Bay to gain an experience of what changes lives.

 sailing with bowater hyundaiReturning past Haulashore Island after an amazing morning sailing on Tasman Bay with The Spirit Of New Zealand courtesy of Bowater Hyundai. Click to enlarge. 

The team from Bowater Hyundai had the special opportunity of being able to invite 85 customers onboard the training ship the Spirit of New Zealand for a morning's cruise around Tasman Bay. The wind kicked up and the sails all came out for a blast of pure ‪tall ship‬ adventure.

What a day - the chance to get a taste of what this amazing charity offers the youth of our fine country is something not very many people get as adults, so we were certainly fortunate to be able to share the experience!

The group met on the main dock alongside the Guyton's Wharf ready for an adventure on what was shaping up to be a sparkling sunny Nelson summer's day. 

Corrie ChambersCorrie Chambers from the Bowater Hyundai sales team wharfside & about to embark on a memoriable sailing. Click to enlarge.

Thanks to a whole lot of various Nelson businesses we had all we needed for a great morning out on the bay: sunscreen courtesy of Unichem Pharmacy, bottles of pure local E'stel Water, delicious bags of Proper Crisps and a whole bunch of fresh fruit from Nelson New World. Good to go! All we needed was for the wind to cooperate and we we would have a great sail. Guess what. It did!

The Spirit of New Zealand is an awesome vessel. Walking up to it you immediately get a sense of adventure quite unlike anything else. Imagine what it must be like for those kids that go on the epic 10 day voyages!

Bowater Hyundai is very proud to have developed the relationship with the Spirit of Adventure Trust even further, with the enabling through scholarship the opportunity for local teens to have a berth on this training ship for the adventure of a lifetime. 

The group gathers for a team photo after an amazing morning on the water on board the Spirit of New Zealand. Click to enlarge.

Shining a light on the great work that the Spirit of Adventure Trust does for the youth of the land is very important.
Hyundai New Zealand have fronted up with a major sponsorship role of this iconic charity to ensure that it continues to offer our teens the chances to experience the leadership training that this group offers.

The team at Bowater Hyundai are certainly proud and excited to hear from those local kids that have undertaken the challenge to fundraise their way onto the ship to match the scholarship porportion that Bowaters's offers. 

hyundai-flagThe team at Hyundai are proud to see the flag flying on the Spirit of New Zealand. Click to enlarge.

Once the ship got underway and was clear of the harbour, it was all hands on deck, with those that wanted able to fully participate in the operation of the ship. Most of those on board took the opportunity to get amongst it and pull on some of the ropes, hoist some sails and feel the sense of accomplishment in being a part of a large team needed to make the ship sail. 

jk-ropesJohn King, JK, from the sales team at Bowater Hyundai puts his back into it!

We were treated to a perfect day out on the bay - the sun shone down, the seas were perfectly flat, and the breeze was enough to get us moving without it being a little hectic. In short it was a perfect combination of elements to make for a special summer's morning for our guests.  

Chris BowaterBowater Hyundai CEO Chris Bowater enjoying the morning out in the bay with his children, Jacob and Laura. Click to enlarge.  

We are very lucky here in New Zealand. Some say even luckier to be here in the top of the south. The air, water and landscapes are cleaner and more open than most other places inthe world, and we have a generally pretty laid back, stressfree attitude to life. Some called it paradise. We think that this is a fully accurate description - why would you live anywhere else when you can enjoy all of this!!! 

rachelreeseNelson Mayor Rachel Reese getting to know the crew and the purpose of the ship first hand. Click to enlarge.

It was an honour to be able to share this experience with some of the region's community leaders.
We had the pleasure of the company of our local MP, the Hon Dr Nick Smith, and the Mayors of both Nelson and Tasman. 

richard-kempthorneTasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne (right)

The whole team at Bowater Hyundai are so excited to be able to offer our customers, and community groups we support the chance to in turn support those other organisations that we are involved with. Part of the day was connecting the dots for some of these groups. We were very proud to be able to have some of the team from Victory Boxing on board as well. Bowater Hyundai are very proud and vocal supporters of this great community focused group, so it was nice to be able to share the experience out on the water with some of them and their team as well.

paul hamptonPaul Hampton from Victory Boxing with some carefully placed local products - namely E'stel Water and Proper Crisps - we were very fortunate to have these companies products onboard to take care of our guests. Click to enlarge.  

Days like today's adventure with the Spirit of New Zealand happen because of the generous support from other local businesses - big shout out to Andrew & crew from E'stel Water; Ned,Mina & the team at Proper Crisps; Hayden and the team at Pomeroy's Coffee & Tea, Unichem Hardy St Pharmacy for the sunscreen, Jo from Shine, Angela from Melrose House, the team at Beetees Nelson; Panama - Kitchen - Bar; Nelson Tailors Menswear; and Greg Guy at Nelson New World for helping us with the fruit.  

estel-01Andrew from E'stel Water kindly delivering water for all those on the trip. Click to enlarge.

What a fully awesome day!
We are looking forward to the next one already.
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sailor-properThe crew of the Spirit of Adventure sure enjoyed the bags of Proper Crisps that we bought along for the ride! Click to enlarge,

If you want to see more images from the day check out our Facebook album by clicking here

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