Bowater Toyota are looking for a Customer Lifecycle Management / TUNZ integration Specialist

Update 6th July 2017: This position has now been filled.

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As Toyota NZ Dealer of the Year 2014 / 2015 / 2016 Bowater Toyota are all about continuing to excell and remain ahead of the rest. As such we are looking for a specialist to fill a key role within the company, a role that will require oversight across all three branches in the region.

Purpose of the Job

The Customer Lifecycle Manager is our dealership's primary representative for ensuring we are communicating effectively and responsibly to our clients. This role is an extension of CRM and brings a holistic view to the way we support our clients by keeping them informed on all opportunities to increase their experience with our company. It is our belief and goal that by clearly communicating with our client we foster ongoing customer relationships that encourage repeat business.

An integral part of this is the integration of our management system, TUNZ / Clarity. This is the system we use to track and measure our client touch points. This is a computer software that collects customer data / details preferences etc. that has been developed by Toyota NZ, and is unique to the motor industry. A crucial part to this CLM task is to ensure all the sales team knows and understands the correct process and procedures around collecting client data correctly. This will require ongoing training and support within the sales team.

Ensure all the team understand the "WHY" in what they do...

Business Goals

The dealerships overall business goals are to:
• Be the Most Innovative and Successful Retailer / within the Motor Industry
• Provide outstanding products and services
• Make a reasonable profit by selling, servicing and ensuring the best client experience
• Build a constantly growing base of loyal clients, advocates, ambassadors who promote ourdealership and Toyota to their friends, and who come back to buy again and again

Key Responsibilities

1. Create relationships with new customers in order to increase the volume of business

• Obtain information through TUNZ / Clarity identifying lost sales and potential new customers
• Work with and in the sales team to grow market penetration targeting Triple Crown Market Leadership
• Get acquainted with customers' decision processes and decision makers
• Plan appointments with decision makers
• Prepare for meetings with potential customers
• Prepare meetings with the sales team strategizing new business
• Uncover decision makers' business drivers, finance and transport needs
• Collect and record prospect information to help complete an effective client profile
• Demonstrate vehicle features and benefits relevant to needs utilising the information gathered
• Update the dealership and Toyota NZ database and tracking systems with sales activity, customer and prospect data
• Actively develop a network of potential contacts and customers through networking, customer events, direct and email marketing, outbound phone-calling, social media monitoring, finance contract expiry monitoring, analysing public business registers and implementing a referral programme

2. Sustain relationships with existing customers in order to increase the volume of business
• Follow-up and supervise the order process including fulfilment of all commitments right through to after the sale
• Keep customers informed about delivery timing
• Regularly keep in contact with customers with regular phone calls and personal visits to keep up to date on current fleet status and potential future business needs
• Implement the referral request programme
• Develop appropriate offers to customers covering all products and services offered by the dealership - vehicle purchase, servicing, finance, accessories, used vehicle disposal
• Assist the customer to manage their vehicle fleet efficiently and effectively and generally act as a trusted advisor to the fleet decision maker

Key Competencies

Personal Effectiveness:
• Demonstrates an understanding of the role requirements and how these support the dealership's overall strategy and mission
• Demonstrates effectively within a team environment encouraging engagement
• Believes in and consistently executes the Toyota Sales Process
• Generally well-groomed and professional in appearance
• Motivated, passionate and enthusiastic about learning new information, concepts and ways of doing things so as to improve own performance
• Works autonomously, managing own time and priorities to deliver on commitments
• Works in a methodical and structured way, organises information so that others can easily access and understand it, plans ahead and takes action to ensure that all work is completed on time
• Successfully adapts to significant changes within the workplace and automotive industry
• Perseveres in the face of adversity and resistance and bounces back quickly from disappointments, including in unsuccessful sales situations
• Exudes self-confidence through conveying a command of relevant facts and information when dealing with others
• Takes responsibility for self and work, including acknowledging mistakes and following thought on commitments
• Uses initiative rather than relying on or waiting to be told what to do

• Establishes and builds rapport quickly and easily
• Displays exceptional active listening skills e.g. reflective listening, taking notes, empathic short replies
• Communicates effectively with a diverse range of people by tailoring communication to the listener and situation
• Demonstrates respect for and understanding of diverse cultures and backgrounds when communicating with people
• Displays an empathy to what people are thinking and feeling, based onchoice of words, tone of voice, expressions and other nonverbal behaviour
• Uses multiple channels or means to communicate important messages (e.g. memos, newsletters, meetings, electronic mail)
• Effectively runs meetings and outlines process procedures and outcomes required for the team to achieve their objectives.
• Simplifies the technical to an understanding level appropriate for the team

Customer Focus:
• Displays a genuine interest in understanding the customer and their needs and presents solutions that meet these needs
• Portrays a positive image to the customer that is genuine (sincere, trusting and believable), professional, friendly and enthusiastic
• Asks the right questions to gain a full understanding of the customer's needs
• Is able to manage customer expectations and not afraid to say "no" in the appropriate circumstances
• Goes the extra mile for customers by doing what is more than normally required in a situation
• Ensures proactive and consistent contact and follow up with customers
• Implements plans to secure the next sale of the full range of products and services offered by the dealership

Results Orientation:
• Focuses on and is driven by targets (personal, team and dealership) and wants to win
• Shares knowledge with colleagues within team to ensure that results are met and/or exceeded
• Thinks outside the square and anticipates future opportunities for the dealership
• Sets challenging personal targets and exceeds them
• Has a continuous improvement orientation and proposes better, faster and less expensive ways of doing things

Business Acumen:
• Demonstrates an understanding of Toyota Way principles
• Has a deep understanding of the Toyota Sales Process (CREED)
• Knows how the Company DMS operates and understands the TUNZ system
• A willingness to learn new skills and has the ability to pick up technical details quickly
• Displays a genuine interest in the automotive industry
• Takes actions to develop and maintain up to date understanding and knowledge of the dealership and its operating environment
• Has an excellent knowledge about past, current and future Toyota Vehiclesand Toyota Finance leasing products and services
• Has a broad knowledge about past, current and future vehicles of competitors
• Has a broad knowledge about past, current and future industry trends
• Adapts to, learns and uses new technology quickly and identifies how the customer can best take advantage of the new technology

• Works constructively towards a win-win outcome
• Negotiates constructively about difficult issues
• Structures own points of view whilst taking into account the needs and perspective of the customer / and Sales Team

• Builds up a circle of acquaintances with people from different organisations that are relevant for the business
• Creates a relationship based on trust with important customers
• Builds and maintains a positive and effective network with the community by creating ties and taking an interest in what is happening within the community

Experience Required:

• Successfully managed a customer retention programme
• Demonstrated successful sales record, preferably in automotive sales
• Demonstrated experience within the Toyota sales processes end to end
• Demonstrated experience as an effective member in a team environment
• Knowledge of computer systems and deployment
• Good training and coaching skills

Technical Skills Required:

• Excellent reading, verbal and writing skills
• Able to communicate thoughts, ideas and information in a logical, organised and persuasive manner
• Excellent proposal presentation skills
• Has in-depth computer skills and the ability to coach others to convey and retrieve information including use of internet, social media (e.g. Linkedin) email and Microsoft applications (Excel, Word and PowerPoint), in some situations using hand-held tablet devices to deliver proposals to customers
• Understanding of basic financial principles and terms including the ability to be able to authoritatively present total cost of ownership and vehicle financing information clearly to prospective customers
• Excellent inbound and outbound phone handling skills

Special Requirements:

• Clean and current drivers licence
• Ability to work 6 days a week, and work outside normal business hours
• Experience of the Toyota Sales Process (CREED)
• Understanding of the company's out going DMS and knowledge of the new system TUNZ / Clarity
• Previous Computer system deployment experience

To learn more, or to apply, please send an email cover letter, and a comprehensive CV by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
More information can also be obtained by calling Bowater Toyota CEO Tony Bowater directly on 03 546 9269