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Honda Jazz Hybrid - fits in more fun and cutting cost

You’ll be amazed at what you can fit into the Jazz Hybrid but you’ll be truly impressed by how much you get out of it. The all new Honda Jazz Hybrid is the perfect blend of small car efficiency, now even better with the hybrid IMA system creating a 30% fuel saving on the normal Honda Jazz; an already super fuel efficient car!

Honda Jazz Hybrid

Imagine an extra 292k’s from the same tank of gas*. That could be plenty of extra trips to Isel Park, or anywhere around this beautiful region for that matter.
With a spot of genius, Honda’s new Jazz Hybrid makes it all possible, and possibly also makes this the most versatile, hybrid electric car on the market. With Jazz, you are buying cool technology and getting a car that you can use all day, every day. Great around town or the highway, with space to pick up your 50” TV on the way home thanks to the impressive magic seats system.

Big space, little car, big life.
And all for a surprisingly low price, that doesn't cost the earth, infact it actually helps a little.

*292kms based on ADR fuel economy of 4.6 vs 6.7 L/100kms (standard Honda Jazz).


Jazz. By Honda. Batteries included. No cables required.

honda jazz hybrid

How do hybrids work?

This is an all too common question as more and more we are hearing about hybrid cars, and the need to use more fuel efficient vehicles. There are many different hybrid systems now on the market, but most do not require any need to plug the vehicle in. This is a common misconception. The Honda IMA Hybrid system for instance uses the vehicles own engine to produce electricity, which is then stored on board via advanced, modern battery systems.

The Honda IMA system is a smart way of introducing fuel efficiency with the combined use of a petrol and electric system. IMA stands for Integrated Motor Assist, and that is how this system works. It is a hybrid system that uses the electric motor to assist the petrol one, and is therefore smaller and lighter than some other hybrid systems, meaning great fuel economy.

Here is a great video explaining the Honda IMA system.

The Jazz Hybrid Everyday

Designing a car requires significant attention to driving pleasure, safety, engine performance and fuel efficiency. This drives the quality, reliability and excellence in a vehicle. Now more than ever, significant research and development is required to continuously improve the technology driving your car.

Honda pride themselves on being an R&D company, dedicated to continously developing new technology to make your drive more enjoyable, safer and better for the environment. That is why they stay at the forefront of automotive technology, constantly resetting the benchmark. So you can have a high quality, reliable vehicle that is a pleasure to own.

The Honda Jazz Hybrid is a breeze to drive with a responsive IMA Hybrid engine, the ability to turn on a dime and swallow luggage that would choke many bigger cars.

With a seat system that folds 18 different ways, including completely flat, the Jazz Hybrid is economical, zippy and easy to drive. With a 30% improvement on fuel economy in the 1.5L petrol Jazz, it is the perfect way to fit in more fun.


Honda’s commitment to safety means pursuing safety targets above and beyond just regulatory safety standards. The result, the Honda Jazz was awarded the maximum 5 Star euro NCAP and 5 Star ANCAP safety ratings in its most recent tests.
This is no mean feat for a hatchback. The Jazz includes Honda’s unique Advanced Compatibility engineering (ACe) body passenger protection cell structure for G-Force control in a collision situation to protect passengers in real world situations. Also standard on the Jazz range are front, side and curtain airbags, electronic Stability Control (Honda’s VSA), ABS, EBD and EBA (electronic brake assist)