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Bowater Toyota Eco Fund

141126-ecofund-boardThe Bowater Toyota environmental champions responsible for the Eco Fund. Sandie Horne, Chris Westley & Tony Bowater. Click photo to enlarge. 

Bowater Toyota are in a wonderful position of being able to support local, environmentally based community groups to do their much needed work. Every year the team of environmental champions at Bowater Toyota have the pleasure of finding and presenting often much needed funds to these groups, or group depending on the end result of the selection process.

All of the branches of Bowater Toyota have got Vehicle Battery Recycling Stations set up in the reception area of the service departments. We encourage all of our customers to drop off any old, unused or damaged vehicle batteries to us and we will arrange for them to be recycled.
We accept any kind of vehicle battery, car, motorcycle or truck - they can all be saved from poisoning the local environment by being sent for recycling.

Every time we do this the recycling company pay us for the batteries as they collect them from us, and 100% of the money goes into a separate Bowater Toyota ECO FUND, which we then distribute to local environmentally focused charities. 


If you want to learn more about the process of battery recycling click here to go to the Bowater Toyota environmental section.

When it comes to environmental causes across the board the Bowater Motor Group are keen supporters. We are also very focused on the impact our collective businesses make and have approved environmental policies in place to make sure we actively manage any and all risk factors.

Follow our journey in this section of the website as we shine a light on some of these organisations that work hard in various aspects of the community. Take the time to learn about what these groups do, how you can be involved, and how you can help us help them. Please support our iniatives by dropping off your batteries to us.

Have you had your cupcake today?

Today is the annual SPCA Cupcake Day. A day when all branches of the SPCA collectively make and sell cupcakes across the country.

SPCA cupcake day

The SPCA is entirely self funded, so days like this one are very important.
If you have missed the opportunity to buy a cupcake on the street, or at one of the stalls in the supermarkets because they sold out due to their extreme deliciousness, you can still donate to them by clicking here. You may not get a cupcake but you will most certainly get a warm feeling for helping out a charity that does great work in the community.

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