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Our inagural 2012 EcoFund Winners: The Nelson SPCA

After a great couple of weeks of sharing the Bowater's Eco Fund message a clear winner has emerged in the battle for the first round of $1000 funding.

The Nelson SPCA did a wonderful job of motivating their social network to log onto our Bowater Motor Group Facebook page to share and like the SPCA poster.

This afternoon we had the pleasure of presenting the Nelson SPCA with a cheque for $1000 courtesy of the Bowater's Eco Fund for 2012 - a fund made entirely possible by the collection of faulty, used or waste vehicle batteries for recycling that would otherwise end up in the tip causing untold environmental damage for generations to come.

ecofund winnersSPCA Shelter Manager Donna Walzl receives a $1000 Cheque from Bowater Toyota CEO Tony Bowater.

The first round of the Bowater's Eco Fund has been very rewarding with a fantastic response from the Facebook community. It shows that the community spirit is certainly alive and well, even on Facebook, and that if donation based charities are proactive with local business, good things can happen! It has been our pleasure to share the Eco Fund money out, but this is far from a one off event - we are already planning the second round of funding!

The whole process has been very positive, and hopefully all three charities all got some good coverage of their collective work in the community.


The Nelson SPCA were clear winners, with the Nelson Ark making a late run for it, and the Brook Sanctuary coming in well too. For those charities that missed out this time there is still hope as we get ready for Round 2, and we may even do it a little differently next time! What is quaranteed is that this is a project we will continue with - one thing that is not going to change anytime soon is the need to continue to recycle waste car batteries.

In the meantime if everybody could just continue to let people know about our Bowater Toyota Battery Recycling programme the fund will continue to grow, and we will be able to give back to the community more and more. Remember 100% of the money collected from Battery Recycling goes into this fund - the more we collect, the more money goes into the fund, and the less toxic batteries end up in our local landfill.

Keep checking back at this section of the website, we will continue to stay in touch with these three charities and share their news, and even check in on them from time to time.
For now, thankyou to everyone for a great round of funding battles - here is a cute photo of Tony Bowater and a SPCA puppy to finish!

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