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Your car is probably your next biggest asset to your home, and you will spend a considerable amount of time in your car over your lifetime.
Life is too short to be worrying about your car. You need a car that suits your lifestyle. 
We have a comprehensive range of the world's best valued and most reliable cars ready for you to experience. You can drive your dream today. It is that easy.   

Since 1945, The Bowater Motor Group has been providing the Nelson region with quality vehicles and servicing that is second to none. Now, even more so than ever before, it is possible to drive your dream.
The future of car technology has arrived.
With our stores, showrooms and customer centres spread all over the wider Nelson region we are confident that our long history in the area means that we not only know what works best around here, but what will work best for you.   

Think Bowaters and three things come to mind...
Quality, excellence and vehicles to suit a lifestyle.

Whether for urban, business or off-road, let Bowater's begin your journey.
If you're going somewhere - The Bowater Motor Group will take you there.

Breaking Ground at the Brook Sanctuary

Chris Bowater and family
Chris Bowater, along with his two children Jacob and Laura, were very proud to attend last weekend's Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Ground Breaking Ceremony as representatives of Bowater Honda and the wider Bowater Motor Group.

Bowater Motor Group joins in the celebrations of a key project milestone.

Last Saturday was a very important day for the Brook Sanctuary, the local wildlife and the local humans of the region.

It was a day many thought would be a long way off for a project many had dismissed as being a flight of fancy and way too hard to actually achieve. Imagine convincing many layers of local and national goverance, as well as different funding bodies, locals and various conservation groups of the value of creating a predator free inland island to protect our vulnerable native wildlife from the rigors of modern life and the plethora of introduced pests.

Due to the very hard work by the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust team Saturday the 27th of September marked a very important occassion. It was a celebration of the power of great intentions, loads of hard work, and a passionate and dedicated group of individuals determined to see this important project through to eventuality. A celebration for those that have the power to visualise a better world, and setting to rights some of the damage caused by past actions, and then setting about actually achieving it!

The ceremony was a key milestone for the project. The chance to finally break ground and sink in the very first fencepost as the construction of the 14km long predator proof fence officially got underway.

Will it all go sideways with the Bowater Toyota "Awesome 86" sled at the BMG Slush Cup?

The Aesome 86 sled
Al Mapperley (Finance Manager) and Tony Bowater (CEO) imagining the sheer terror about to be experienced by whomever is brave enough to pilot this deathtrap in the upcoming Slush Cup.

The Slush Cup is always an amazing way to close off another super successful ski season at our favourite local winter playground - Rainbow Ski Field. Bowater Toyota have been principle sponsor of this event for the last couple of years and it is an absolute blast! If you haven't seen a slush cup before you need to get up the mountain this weekend and get involved.

It has been postponed a couple of times already this season due to too much snow falling over the last couple of weekends (that can never be a bad thing), but with this weekend being the final hoorah - the closing weekend for the season, and with still some decent snow on the ground, it is the perfect time to be doing the runs - and due to the warmer weather we can expect to see a wild array of costumes to make it all the more interesting!

The BMG Bowater Toyota Slush Cup is a fun family friendly event involving a purpose built pond in the middle of the skifield with a nice entry slope, an expanse of quite cold and slushy water and a nice exit ramp - all to facilitate the gentle art of gracefully skimming across the surface on your skis or snowboard, or failing spectacularly in a flurry of wailing and flailing.

slush cup

The AWESOME86 Sled of doom doesn't have the same "skimming" qualities of a nice pair of skis or a snow board, but it does have a super smooth metal bottom plate. What is the worse that could happen?

Bowaters are keen to drive new solutions to combat climate change

The Bowater Motor Group attends the AVAAZ Global Climate Change March with the intention of driving change in our area.

Bowater Honda CRZ
Bowater Honda came along with their hybrid petrol / electric sports coupe the Honda CR-Z - who ever said responsibility needed to be boring!

The Bowater Motor Group are realists.
The climate is definitely changing around us and there is a growing groundswell of people wanting to do something about that. Bowaters are all for that, and the technology now exists for passionate people to take a greater degree of responsibility for their own collective emissions and carbon footprints through the choices they make in their own personal transportation options.

Last weekend the world got together to bring attention to the fact that climate change is impacting now not only on the planet, but also on each and every one of us on an almost daily basis. The weather is more extreme, and new costs are beginning to be felt as commoditites are starting to be priced on not only the cost of actual production, but also the environmental costs of the manufacturing process as well. 

The Top of the South was well represented in the AVAAZ Climate Change Campaign - joining around 2000 other locations globally, and hundreds of thousands of people around the world on 21st September, to come together and draw attention to the problem in the lead up to a major G8 Climate Change Summit by major heads of states next week.

Golden Bay Climate Change March
The locals of Golden Bay decided to do things a little differently for the Global Climate Change March - they drove!

Golden Bay is one of the most engaged populations per capita when it comes to environmental causes, and lifestyles based on a certainly level of consciousness about self responsibility regarding personal impacts of each of us. A group of people that by and large are prepared to walk the talk. There was a good turnout with a really active bunch of locals wanting to make their collective voices heard. What was interesting about the Golden Bay version of the Climate Change march was that it was all about Hybrid cars, and this is where the Bowater Motor Group fitted in as guests of the organisers.

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