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Your car is probably your next biggest asset to your home, and you will spend a considerable amount of time in your car over your lifetime.
Life is too short to be worrying about your car. You need a car that suits your lifestyle. 
We have a comprehensive range of the world's best valued and most reliable cars ready for you to experience. You can drive your dream today. It is that easy.   

Since 1945, The Bowater Motor Group has been providing the Nelson region with quality vehicles and servicing that is second to none. Now, even more so than ever before, it is possible to drive your dream.
The future of car technology has arrived.
With our stores, showrooms and customer centres spread all over the wider Nelson region we are confident that our long history in the area means that we not only know what works best around here, but what will work best for you.   

Think Bowaters and three things come to mind...
Quality, excellence and vehicles to suit a lifestyle.

Whether for urban, business or off-road, let Bowater's begin your journey.
If you're going somewhere - The Bowater Motor Group will take you there.

Making a silk purse and going hammer and tongs in time for Christmas

Nick Harrison at workGreat progress is being made with the The Wakefield Caffeine Crew's Relay for Life Project, the BMG Mini restoration.

Nick Harrison (left), the teams panel beater, is very busy with the daunting task of making a silk purse out of a sows ear.

Back in the 1970s there was very little rust protection, hence the inside of all the panels never saw any paint or any form of rust inhibitor. But that doesn't phase Nick, being a very experienced tradesman he is right up there for the task.

It always amazes us what a panel beater can do with a welder, hammer and dolly (and that is the steel one not a two legged one).

Bowater Motor Group through Bowater Toyota have supplied the Wakefield Restoration Team  with a number of new panels.
Recently John Bruce acquired the project another old Mini body from which the team have scavenged a number of salvageable panels that Nick will fit and weld into place, speeding up the process as replacement is often a whole lot quicker than repair.

Bowater Toyota Motueka renovation party winners experience pure luxury

Daryl and Edna MacLean got to experience something not a great many locals get to - a night at the luxurious Stonefly Lodge tucked away at the top of the Motueka Valley, courtesy of Bowater Toyota.

Stonefly Lodge is a premium lodge situated at the top of the Motueka River specialising in exceptional fly fishing right on the doorstep of the 150 acre property tucked into a valley off the main Motueka Highway. The views are stunning and the lodge has a"complete privacy" feel to it.

Architecturally designed and engineered, the Lodge is built from natural stone and timber acquired from the 150 acre property. Stonefly Lodge is designed to meet the needs of the most discerning traveller and yet provide home comforts with personalised hospitality from the experienced hosts. Daryl and Edna certainly appreciated the high levels of comfort of both the lodge and also the drive there, as part of the prize package was the use of one of our demonstrator vehicles for the weekend. We were right there with them as they arrived at the lodge in the brand new 2012 Toyota Hilux SR5.

Daryl & Edna MacLean

Daryl and Edna were the lucky winners of a promotion we held recently, and what a luxurious prize to win. Just look at their smiles!

The Bowater Motor Group staff function and long service presentations

This time of the year is always busy, with a lot of businesses choosing to have staff functions and Christmas parties to enable their staff to team build outside of the normal environment and let their collective hair down.

The Bowater Motor Group always puts on a function, and with so many staff it becomes quite an event in it's own right. This year we headed to the Anchor Bar & Grill down in Nelson's picturesque marina, for a lovely dinner and the annual presentation of our team's long service awards. It has been a very successful year for the group, and the year is not over yet! Around 120 staff and partners attended, so it was quite a festive occasion, with excellent food and service from the attentive team at the Anchor Bar & Grill.

Bowater Motor Group CEO Rodney Bowater addressed the team and presented the Long Service awards.

BMG CEO Rodney Bowater

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