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2016 Extra Cab Hilux

When there is work to be done you have to use the best tools for the job, and the one that is fit for purpose. Hilux. It is the Benchmark Rebuilt in a new generation body shape, packed with new technology, safety features and performance. If you are a tradie you know the value of reputation, so stick with what is tried and trusted. Click here to learn more.

The new Toyota 86 - Fun is back! Start your engines.


Take the long way home.

If there’s a car that makes you want to rediscover the simple joy of heading out for absolutely anything, then this is it. 

Fun is back in a big way. Fun this good ought to be illegal. That is what the Fun Police thought and got in on the act when the first shipment arrived.

The goal of the designers of the soon to be legendary Toyota 86 was to create a sports car that puts fun first, and makes thrilling driving accessible to everyone. From the core of its design, to the carefully chosen technology that completes it, the 86 lives and breathes that promise.

toyota 86 sports car

The 86 combines mind-boggingly accurate handling with the smooth acceleration of a 2.0L boxer engine to bring you the most fun you’ll ever have on four wheels.


The fun starts with a smile.

The 86 model line up starts with the 86 and the GT86, each designed to slap a huge grin on the face of any driver.

2012 Toyota GT86 sports car

The entry level 86 brings sports driving to the many, providing the thrill of pure driving exhilaration with the kind of looks that make grown men - and women - sigh. 

The GT86 adds premium features, with every detail carefully considered to make you feel like a motorsports superstar from the second you slip into the driver's cockpit. The GT86  is next level fun with extras that top off the experience.

A back seat… that’s actually a back seat

The 86 has turned the notion that all small sports coupes are basically two-seaters on its head.

There are actually two completely usable rear seats in this performance car; the sports buckets support a child’s safety seat perfectly. They even feature ISO fixings, making getting car seats in and out that much easier.

After all, there’s no harm in getting the next generation of 86 fan keen, is there?

Steering contest


Did you know the 86’s steering wheel is the smallest Toyota has ever made for a production car? It has a diameter of just 365mm, giving you a sportier set-up in the cabin.

There are also special thumb rests that optimise grip and contribute to the absolute precision of the 86’s steering system.

Oh, and here’s something else you might have already noticed; unlike other Toyota models, this steering wheel doesn’t have audio controls or Bluetooth buttons on it. The 86 provides for such an engaging drive, you simply won’t want the distractions – your mind can stay focused on the open road ahead.



Engine design - a New first for Toyota powers this car to new limits!

The design of the flat 4 engine that drives the 86 is revolutionary. The low centre of gravity and the combination of the Subaru boxer engine and Toyota's remarkable fuel injection systems, created the world's first horizontal opposed engine with D-4S fuel injection technology - and a whole lot of fun! 

2015-toyota-86 engine


Functional, precise design for car lovers. Meet the GT86.


The GT86 range took the already impressive 86 and added more luxury and flair to create a sports car of monumental driving proportions.
The pure exhilaration felt while driving the GT86 is enhanced further by adding the optional Aero Kit. This includes front and rear lower spoilers, side skirts and wing spoiler.


For those wanting something a little extra: The TRD Special Edition.

And then there’s the TRD 86.

The TRD 86 - a masterpiece

Built to order, individually numbered, and supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity, the Toyota Racing Development Special Edition 86 is our limited initial run masterpiece of fun-to-drive sports car engineering. The best of the best. This machine is built for one thing only.

Sports pedigree with a pure heritage.


Engineering and design elements from all three of the 86's forefathers — the Toyota 800, 2000GT and AE86 — contribute to the 86 as we know it today.

From the 1965 Toyota 800 the modern coupe takes the boxer engine and classic front engine/rear wheel drive layout.

There’s no denying a certain sensual style – especially around the shape of the belt line that runs through the middle of the 86 – was inspired by the legendary 2000GT of 1967.

As to the 86’s highly customisable character? That’s from the original AE86 of 1983; a car that has become a cult classic (and also the generational inspiration behind the 86’s name).

It’s easy to see that the 86 family as we know it today comes with a rich history of Toyota performance and design.

Meet the Bowater Toyota Team

Meet Ursula, a crafty administrator.

toyota 2018 nsn ursula

Ursula Inwood joined Bowater Toyota in 2018, and is occassionally one of the friendly faces in the main reception for the store. Her main role is in  the accounts department working hard to keep everything in order. In her spare time she dabbles in craftwork, and is quite the accomplished in many different crafty disciplines.