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  • 2014 isuzu d-max
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  • The Isuzu D-Max is built tough, and built to handle everything you could possibly throw at it!
  • Built tough, and built to take 7 on real adventures - both on road and off. There is only one Mu-X because it has everything you need built right in.
  • The Isuzu Mu-X boasts an interior that can honestly seat 7, with a third row layout built for real world use.
  • The Isuzu D-Max is built tough, can tow a whopping 3.5 tonne fully loaded, & can play as hard as it works.
  • Isuzu have vehicles that will add a new dimension to your lifestyle with true towing capacities you can use in the real world to tow that fully loaded massive caravan, or full horse float.
  • The Isuzu Mu-X gets the recognition it deserves - this is a serious off road vehicle made tough, but gentle...

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Isuzu D-MAX - tough, reliable & strong

Written by Media Manager.

This ute can Work as hard as it plays.

If you are looking for a serious tool, not a toy, you need to check out the Isuzu D-MAX.
A ute so tough that Davey Hughes, NZ's most famous hunter and the founder of the Swazi Clothing Brand, stands behind it. A ute that can take everything you can throw at it.

sawzi edition dmax

It all started back in 1963 with the ISUZU Wasp. Now almost 50 years later, the all new D-MAX defines this latest era in utes. With purposeful styling, superior comfort and safety and our most efficient diesel engine ever, the all new ISUZU D-MAX impresses. Whether you're hauling a big load, powering through the work week, cruising on the weekend or heading off road, this is one ute you can depend on.




The D-MAX is available in 3 different cab options, in 2WD or 4WD, and sharply priced compared to the competition. A slap on a camo wrap and you have yourself an ultimate zombie apocalypse survival tool, or an equally awesome hunters truck!

camo dmax

The best way to get to grips with the new 2014 Isuzu D-Max is to take a quick look at this excellent video. You can open up a whole new world with your D-Max - and after watching this short clip you will be asking yourself just why you don't have one yet!


Power to burn. No compromise.

dmax power

Everything we've learned from more than 70 years and 20 million diesel engines has gone into the most torque-fuelled D-MAX engine ever. 130kW of power and a towing capacity of up to 3 tonnes gives you what you need to carry a heavy load, all backed by Isuzu's famed reliability.

With some utes you have to compromise between keeping your payload down, or not using your full tow capacity to stay within your GCM. But in the Isuzu D-MAX, with a maximum towed mass of 3000kg and a GVM of 2900kg, you can load the vehicle itself up to its full capacity and still tow the full 3 tonnes behind.

With all this extra torque, it's surprising that the all new ISUZU D-MAX is hugely fuel efficient, giving you an impressive 8L/100km. This and the improved aerodynamics in the D-MAX means you'll pay less at the pump.


Strength where it counts.

The D-MAX hails from a line of the world's largest truck maker so you know it's going to be tough. A brand new chassis allows for even better balance and performance while delivering superior stability and road holding in all conditions. Built on a cross braced frame for durability and using high-grade steel for strength, the D-MAX is nothing but tough. And that is important. If you want a workhorse that can handle it, you need to know it has got the bones to hold it all together.


Welcome to the modern world of comfort and safety. They come in handy.

The D-Max range of utes brings together modern technology, ruggedness and built-to-last engineering. Whilst these are tough trucks, Isuzu have not scrimped on the comfort levels. This workhorse can also be a place of refuge after a long,wet day in the bush, or on a long drive hauling the boat to that secret location for the really big biters!

dmax cockpit 

Whether you're behind the wheel or riding as a passenger, the all new ISUZU D-MAX will surround you with new levels of comfort. A spacious cabin provides greater head and leg room, with wider doors and seats allowing for easier access. The cabin is also much quieter, with advanced noise control to keep sound from the outside world at bay. If you choose the Dual Cab LS model you can also expect features such as a premium audio system, Bluetooth™, cruise control and much more.

Safety is our priority at ISUZU and the all new ISUZU D-MAX is a clear example. Featuring six airbags as standard, including a curtain side airbag, electronic stability control, an energy-absorbing nose section and side impact intrusion bars, the cabin is an assuring place to be.

dmax safety

Tough enough to take a beating, powerful enough to move mountains, plenty of room in the tray - and all with its world-famous fuel efficiency to keep your costs to a minimum. It's the pick-up truck you'll be glad to have on the payroll, or waiting for you at the end of the track. No matter what your lifestyle demands, ISUZU D-MAX will take it to the limit, and bring you back again.